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What else would a Marketing Content Professional write about for the first post on his new blog?

Your blog is very powerful and should be a mainstay of your Content Marketing.
Here’s Why:

Content – It’s all about content. The written word is the purest form of content and the basic means of communicating through your blog. But you can also use your blog to publish and promote all of your other content. It gives you extra mileage from that content and more opportunities for search engines to find it.

Links – You know what else search engines love? Links. Your blog content lets you link to relevant pages, including those on your website, your blog site and your social networks, which makes your blog, and the link targets much more valuable to search engines

Information Flow – If you use content marketing, it includes social media, which means you need a constant flow of relevant information to post. One blog post can fuel your social media content across a number of platforms and in a variety of ways.

Branding – By pumping good, consistent and relevant information through your blog, it will achieve a critical mass that makes it a valuable resource and improves your brand reputation.

Like most worthwhile pursuits, blogging is neither fast nor easy, but it will be fun when you see what’s possible.


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