Conversion Optimization, Usability & User Experience

The Missing Link Between Web Traffic & Sales

If your website gets a lot of traffic, but you can’t say the same thing about sales leads, you’re not alone.

One of the quickest, easiest ways for web developers to impress their customers is to drive more traffic to a website. Almost everyone assumes that an increase in traffic results in a corresponding increase in sales.

But why are so many businesses disappointed with their web results? Traffic is only half of the higher sales equation. The easy half.

Generate Website Conversions

Just like brick and mortar stores, after you get the customer “in the door” of your website, you need to make the sale.

  • Conversion Optimization – What do you want visitors to do once they get to your site? Do you want them to buy something? Click on a certain button? Give you their information? The answers to those sorts of questions are the conversion goals for your site, and each page in it. And your site design and structure must focus on those goals.
  • Usability – Have you ever visited a website and found it difficult to navigate and find the information you sought? In a nutshell, that’s usability. More importantly, it’s one of the top reasons a visitor will leave your site without converting; most likely never to return.
  • User Experience (UX) – How do you treat your web visitors? Do you make them enter their city, province and country address information even though you already have their postal code? Bad UX is another big reason all that traffic your web developer, social media manager and/or SEO expert worked so hard to attract.

Conversion Optimization, Usability and UX – Before & After

Enough explaining. Check the screen-captures below:

The Old Web Design

Previous Web Design for Speak & Impress

One Conversion Optimization Issue: To sign-up for the newsletter, visitors must click the “Opt-In” button. Make it easier for customers to give you their information by pointing out the benefit of submitting it – “Get Your Free Newsletter”

One Usability Issue: Users need to click on a button before seeing the main site navigation. It should be as easy as possible for people to get around your site and the main site navigation should always be clearly visible.

One UX Issue: Visitors have no clear direction on what to do next to find the information they seek (unless they want to “opt-in” for the newsletter). Make sure every visitor, regardless of the product or service they want, or their stage of the buying cycle, is only one or two clicks away from relevant information.

The New Web Design

New Web Design for Speak & Impress

One Conversion Optimization Improvement: Large, brightly-coloured conversion buttons highlight the benefit of clicking each one.

One Usability Improvement: 16 additional links and buttons added to help visitors find what they want and dig deeper into the site.

One UX Improvement: Benefit-driven copy makes readers feel like the site was built for their needs.