If you landed here in anticipation of copy so profoundly creative it makes you weep, put away the kleenex.

If instead you need copy that works, copy that’s consumable, copy that breathes life into your brand and triggers action, you’ve hit the spot.

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• Website Copy
• SEO Copy
• Blog Posts
• Email Newsletters
• PPC Ads
• Whitepapers
• Press Releases

Why Choose Marketing Content for Your Copy

Your Business is Unique

Actually, what’s important is why your business is unique. Although not conscious of it, your customers care deeply about why your company is different. If they didn’t, they would have no reason to choose you over your competition. Your Marketing Content copy makes you the obvious choice.

Convert & Conquer
Some call it your Unique Selling Proposition, Value Proposition or Competitive Advantage. It’s your unique offering that gets you into your customers’ buying psyche. Once there, the right copy appeals to the psyche’s needs and wants and motivates action. Marketing Content’s copywriting targets your customers’ buying psyche.

The Benefits
Focus on what makes you different, target the heart of your customers’ buying psyche and reap the rewards.
• Higher Conversion Rates
• Improved Reputation
• Better Search Engine Rankings

Copywriting Samples

Web Copy – ITEC Group
Blog Copy – Invesp Blog
Social Media Profiles
SEO Copy – iLandscape
Press Release – Nucap

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