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The shoemakers children have no shoes and the copywriter’s blog is bare!

So, instead of waiting for time to materialize enough to write the brilliantly witty, erudite and enlightening posts of which I dream, I hope you’ll take a look at two of my recently completed copywriting projects.

Arax Jewellers

Arax Jewellers Copywriting

Arax Jewellers

The Arax Jewellers story is the stuff of legend in the cultural mosaic of Canada. A man leaves the uncertainty of his homeland, comes to Canada, works hard, prospers and now reaps the reward of
working with his family in a successful business.

It was my pleasure to meet and collaborate with the Khatcherians, to hear their story and have the privilege of relating it in the web copy of their stunning new site.

Office Coffee Service

Office Coffee Service Copywriting

Office Coffee Service

One of the great pleasures of copywriting is learning every day about new people and businesses. And when that new business is about your favourite addiction, then it doesn’t get much better than that.

Coffee. Yes. These are the days when I was able not only to drink it in, but write it out too. Mocha Java, Kona, Sumatran organic; every name lending poetry to the copy. So let’s have another cup!

Many thanks to everyone at Office Coffee Service Toronto for the pleasure of writing the copy for their new web site.

If you’re still reading: thanks! I appreciate it. Just in case the fact that you’re still here means you want to see more, you can always check my weekly blog post at:

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