Social Media

Social media, social technology, social networks.LinkedIn logo

When we hear these terms, we tend to focus on the “media”, “technology” and “networks” part.

A better understanding of “social anything” starts with focusing on the “social” part and not so much on the word that follows.

Social means interaction. Social media are those that allow you to interact with your audience.

The hurdle we have with social media isn’t how to use them, but how best to interact with people and communities through them.YouTube Logo

Your approach to social media should be no different than the one you would use in any large gathering of people. You seek out like-minded people, join conversations of interest and contribute when you have something meaningful to add.

Sometimes we use social media in ways we would never use in face-to-face meetings:Twitter Logo

  • Sometimes we join in and simply tell everyone in every conversation what we do and how good we are at it
  • Sometimes we show up for a minute, say something quickly, leave for a time, then show up again and leave again. We don’t take the time to stay, listen and participate meaningfully
  • Sometimes we just repeat what everyone else says

Sometimes we need help with social media.

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